About Africa Jam

AFRICA JAM YOUTH OUTREACH is a non-profit, volunteer driven, youth empowerment organization serving young people in South Africa. Africa Jam has been in existence for more than 15 years and serves more than 15,000 youth annually by providing safe alternative programs and creating opportunities for youth to unlock their potential. Life orientation ans skills training, after school programs, camp experiences, and spiritual development are just a few of the programs that make up Africa Jam.

Our Vision

Africa Jam’s vision is to provide hope, unity, and community in the lives of youth regardless of race, culture, or socio-economic background by empowering them with knowledge and life skills and by providing them with opportunities to develop their God given talents. Thus enhancing the well-being of their schools, community, and nation.

Our Programs

Africa Jam’s five staff members use over 200 volunteers to reach approximately 15,000 youth annually. We are a registered non-profit organization in both the United States and South Africa. Our organization serves youth through three core programs including: Faith Enrichment, Social Upliftment, and Arts & Education. These programs include HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis education and prevention, community service outreach, mentoring, and youth development and tutoring.

Outreach and leadership camps bring together youth from all walks of life who share common challenges. Workshop sessions help them work through these challenges and assist many of their peers who face similar issues. Leadership training, and life orientation and skills provide greater opportunities for stronger community impact as leaders are able to implement what they learn.

Our Focus

Africa Jam serves high school age youth (and more recently children and pre-teens below the age of 13 years) in some of the most economically disadvantaged townships of South Africa’s Cape region. Pockets of young people in these communities regularly encounter violence, hunger, unemployment, and the perils of violence, gangsterism, substance abuse, and HIV and AIDS. Help is needed for building self-esteem, developing life skills, and establishing a promising future.