Africa Jam

Success Stories

Neo’s Story:

Akule (Neo) Mpunga is from a small section in Khayelitsha Township called “Makahza 44 Section.”

Neo is part of a family of five, and like many youth in the townships, is being raised by his single mother. After Neo’s father was killed in car accident, Neo felt hopeless, scared and saw no reason for life.

When Africa Jam first met Neo, he was going down a path that would ultimately lead to destruction. Consumed by the anger he felt from his circumstances, he felt no reason to live. No reason to get up in the morning. He looked down on those who wanted to help him build a future.

Around the corner from where Neo lives, he heard joyous singing, young people laughing and coming to a broken down shack with smiles. Out of curiosity Neo visited the after school Khayelitsha drama group. That is where he met genuine leaders like Loyiso.

Today, Neo credits his Faith in Christ for bringing him to his new self. If it was not for Africa Jam and his drama group leader Loyiso, Neo says he would still be living in the dark hopelessly going through the motions of life.

Neo has realised his dream and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St.Peter MN in 2016.